Dumbarton FC Player ‘Aggy’ Tackles His Hair Issues Head On In 2015

We get so many different patients coming through our door each day. One particular problem which is a lot more common than people think is triangular alopecia.

Scott Agnew, Dumbarton Football Club’s midfield player has suffered from triangular alopecia since birth. The condition appears typically in childhood as a permanent patch of hair loss and is thought to be genetic.

Our manual FUE based specialist, implanted around 202 FUE grafts giving the Dumbarton champ Agnew an improved look for the end of the season.

The 27-year-old has been entertaining fans at the Bet Butler Stadium since 2011 and has become a firm crowd favourite after scoring a notable 12 goals in the 2012-13 season. Agnew played a major part in the team gaining promotion to the first division and finishing fifth in the SPFL Championship.

Fraser Christensen

The Glasgow Clinic Director said: “This is the third case we’ve treated this year. The condition is a lot more common than you’d think and until now there really hasn’t been a solution out there for sufferers.

“We’re delighted that Scott came to us for help and happy that we were able to offer him FUE surgery. Hair loss isn’t easy for a lot of people to deal with. Things are definitely changing and it’s becoming a more talked about subject and less of a big deal. Hair transplants in general are now a more affordable solution to people especially when they learn more about the procedure.

“Here at the Glasgow Clinic we perform advanced FUE surgery a technique that’s revolutionary across the field and has to be performed by an expert surgeon. We take our procedures very seriously and are keen to educate those seeking a solution as to the best way forward.

“Ideal candidates for FUE hair transplants are those suffering from male or female pattern baldness, people suffering from alopecia, trichotillomania and hair loss due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It’s also a procedure used for beard reconstruction, eyebrow rebuild or burned scalp and scar repair.

“Having already set the bench mark with FUE surgery in terms of results and achievements, patients no longer have to travel abroad for this specialist surgery when we have Europe’s most talented team here in Scotland.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Scott’s results and wish him all the best at Dumbarton Football Club in the future.”

Scott Agnew

Known as ‘Aggy’ in football circles the midfielder is enjoying his time at Dumbarton, surely a small bald patch would be the least of his concerns. He said: “Triangular Alopecia is something I’ve had since birth. It’s always bothered me having this small patch of hair missing and I never thought there was anything I could do about it. I’ve just lived with it and tried my best to ignore it.

“I found the Glasgow Clinic online and set up a consultation with Fraser Christensen. It’s been great discovering that there is a solution out there and it’s a permanent one.

“The surgery itself was not invasive in the slightest and everyone at the clinic made me feel relaxed and welcome.

“I’m already seeing the difference and just overjoyed that I’ve had it fixed and no longer have to put up with it.”

The Glasgow Clinic, in 2012, performed the first ever FUE hair transplant surgery to take place in the country and implanted a world record in the number of grafts (2,684) implanted in one day by manual FUE. They also performed an FUE hair transplant on Scottish footballer James McFadden in 2014.

The FUE procedure begins with hairs being grafted directly from the scalp using a punch to remove the complete follicular units. They are then harvested under a microscope and by using very thin blades or needles to create new incisions; the hairs are replaced one by one as quickly as possible into the selected re-implantation sites with small forceps.

It’s a less invasive hair transplant procedure than other available treatments and causes only minimal scarring that is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Check back here folks to see Scott’s progress in a few months time.

All the best,

GC team.

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Scott Agnew 202 grafts

Scott Agnew 202 grafts