Footballer Aggi is back for an FUE hair transplant

You may remember back in early 2015 when we updated you on Dumbarton Football Club’s midfield player, Scott Agnew’s triangular alopecia issue. We implanted around 202 FUE grafts for ‘Aggi’ at the end of his 2015 season at the club.

Following his previous procedure Aggi said: “Triangular alopecia is something I’ve had since birth. It’s always bothered me having this small patch of hair missing and I never thought there was anything I could do about it. I’ve just lived with it and tried my best to ignore it.

“It’s been great discovering that there is a solution out there and it’s a permanent one.

“The surgery itself was not invasive in the slightest and everyone at the clinic made me feel relaxed and welcome.

“I’m already seeing the difference and just overjoyed that I’ve had it fixed and no longer have to put up with it.”

Well folks, Aggi is back! He’s now playing for Stranraer Football Club and is looking good both on and off the pitch.

Aggi had his FUE hair transplant procedure at the Glasgow Clinic last week. We implanted 2,022 grafts on his crown and temples. It was after the success of fixing his alopecia patch that he decided to come back to us for a hair transplant.

Have a look at his images below. We are looking forward to updating you on his results over the next few months – watch this space!

The GC team.

Read about Aggi’s triangular alopecia story here

The Glasgow Clinic is the first hair transplant clinic in the country to be regulated by Health Improvement Scotland

We know you’ll want to hear our fantastic news. If you haven’t heard already – the Glasgow Clinic is the only hair transplant clinic in Scotland to be officially regulated under Health Improvement Scotland’s new legislation.

The new legislation has been introduced to protect patients who undergo cosmetic and minor surgical procedures such as hair transplants.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland started regulating independent clinics back in April 2016 and have given a deadline of the 1st of April 2017 for clinics to become fully registered. screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-13-48-40

Our Clinic Director, Fraser Christensen said: “This new legislation is what we’ve been needing within our industry for a long time.

“There are far too many irresponsible hair transplant clinics out there targeting vulnerable young men and using sales techniques and sharp practice to take their money.

“They use pay as you go schemes and carry procedures out on patients who don’t necessarily need a hair transplant. It pains me and the team here at the Glasgow Clinic when we see what’s happening within our industry.

“Up to ten percent of our work involves improving and repairing poor hair transplants carried out by other clinics. Hair transplant surgery is not for everyone and patients should be informed of all the options open to them.

“Thirty percent of all our potential patients may be unsuitable. It could be that they’re too young for the procedure, it’s too early for them or they don’t have a sufficient donor area.

“We make sure we give all our patients the space and time to reflect on whether they want to go ahead with a hair transplant and what it involves.

“We have strict medical procedures in place and a medical team that have an impeccable reputation with over twenty years’ experience within the hair transplant industry.

“Hopefully this new legislation will make clinics accountable and cut out the bad practice within our industry in Scotland.


“Patients need to be aware that clinics they visit must be registered under Healthcare Improvement Scotland and any clinic not registered by 1st April 2017 could be subject to a five thousand pound fine or possibly imprisonment.

“We carry out the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedure at our clinic. It’s the most advanced form of hair transplants and is technically more challenging, but far less invasive than the old strip (FUT) procedure.

“It’s now more affordable and certainly from our own perspective because of the results we’ve achieved over the past few years, it’s never been more popular and we currently have the longest waiting list in the UK.

“It’s very important for us to create a relationship with our patients, manage their expectations and make sure they understand what can be achieved when undergoing a hair transplant.

“The industry is developing all the time and we can’t express enough to those who are seeking a hair loss solution that choosing a reputable clinic with proven results is very important.”

Claire Sweeney, Interim Director of Quality Assurance for Healthcare Improvement Scotland, said: “The Glasgow Clinic has not been slow to recognise the importance of registering with us and the benefits this will bring for their clients.

“Regulation has been introduced in Scotland to help improve safety for those people who use independent clinics and to ensure that clinics continue to improve the services that they provide.

“We look forward to welcoming many more clinics between now and the end of March.”

Queen of the South goalie Lee Robinson’s eight month update

We know a few of our followers have been eagerly waiting on Lee’s images – we don’t like to keep you waiting.

Lee was more than happy to share with us his 8 month update.

He’s happy – we’re happy!

There’s more to come in the New Year so make sure you check back with us.

All the best,

The GC team.

Lee - before image

Lee – before image

Lee - before image

Lee – before image

Lee - 8 month update 1,801 FUE grafts

Lee – 8 month update 1,801 FUE grafts

Lee - 8 month update 1,801 FUE grafts

Lee – 8 month update 1,801 FUE grafts