Ex-Rangers Goalie Lee Robinson Saves His Hairline At The Glasgow Clinic

Another hair signing for the Glasgow Clinic this week as ex-Rangers goalkeeper Lee Robinson, who hails from Sunderland underwent an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant.

The 29-year-old had a total of 1,801 grafts implanted, giving him a new look perhaps just in time to sign a new deal.

What made you get a hair transplant?

“Since I was about twenty-one I started losing my hair. I’m sure it was one of my team mates that first pointed it out ha.

“I tried laser surgery at a company in Glasgow around three years ago but it wasn’t a great experience and it felt more like I was sitting underneath a hair-dryer for half an hour twice a week.

“Over the last three or four years, I started looking into hair transplants. I always thought I’d look terrible if I lost all my hair.”


Have you ever had questions about hair transplant such as, does it really work? Where’s the right place to go?

“I was originally looking into getting it done in America because I thought it would be cheaper than in the UK. I’d also heard a lot about Turkey being good for them but wouldn’t have felt comfortable about going there. The Glasgow Clinic just seemed the perfect place.”

Is thinning hair common in the family? What about your dad?

“Yeah he started losing it around thirty years old. I think he’s keen on getting his done too, ha, ha. On my mother’s side I didn’t know her dad but her brother has a good head of hair.”

How do you feel now you’ve had it done?

“I feel great. I slept the last couple of hours and I was delighted when it was finally over. I was a bit nervous at first but the staff are great and made me feel really comfortable. I settled down quickly and never felt anything during the procedure.”IMG_9734 IMG_9743






Do you plan in growing your hair long?

“I normally would grow my hair long but mainly to cover up the fact I was losing it. Now I’d like to keep it a bit shorter. I suppose I have more options now that I’ve had it done.”

Who’s your hero in football?

“My football hero is Fabien Barthez, he used to play for Manchester United. He’s the baldest person I’ve ever seen.”


So Kris Boyd isn’t your favourite then?

“Ha, Boydy is about second or third on my list. Barthez was my hero and yet he was completely bald. I think he suited being bald a lot more than I would.

“When Paul Le Guen first came to Rangers there was talk of him signing Barthez and it would have been amazing for me to train with him every day.

“Stephan Klos was there when I was at Rangers as well, he’s a good friend of mine and a great keeper. He’s a really nice man. You don’t meet many people like him in football. He had great hair too, ha.”

When you’re watching a game of football, do you watch the goalkeepers mainly?

“Not really. I actually prefer to watch goalkeepers when they’re training just to see what they’re really like. A lot of players play games different to how they train.”

Would you recommend an FUE hair transplant?

“Definitely. After originally looking into the FUT strip option there’s really no decision to make. I had looked at the FUT but after speaking to the Glasgow Clinic I realised that FUE is the only way to go. I was actually about to get FUT surgery in America and if it wasn’t for speaking to Fraser, I would have went ahead. I’m so glad I spoke with him and didn’t have that done.”

What do you think about the Glasgow Clinic team?

“They couldn’t be anymore welcome. The team were great from the start. Anyone that complains about losing their hair I’d say to them to go straight to the Glasgow Clinic.”


Did James McFadden and Kris Boyd’s results have any influence on you?

“I met James a few months ago and his hair looked great. He seemed really happy with it so it definitely helped influence me.

“It was actually me that said to Boydy about getting it done last year but before I knew it, he was booked in for last summer. I can’t believe the difference it’s made to him. He’s delighted with it.

“It’s only half a day out your life to get it done and not much bother at all so I’d definitely recommend it.”


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Hi Folks,

We thought you’d like to see another update of Jame’s progress and see how good his hair is looking.

He’s really happy with his results and so are we.

Have a great weekend folks!

All the best,

The GC team.


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Hi folks,

Happy New Year to all our followers. We’d like to wish everyone all the best for 2016 and hope the festive season was full of fun.

We want to make sure everyone gets a peek at Kris’s progress and we asked Kris what he thinks of his new hairdo so far.

Kris said: “It’s only been six months and I’m amazed at the results so far. It’s really taken me back to how my hair was in my youth. I can’t wait to see what it looks like after a year.”

The GC team.

Kris Boyd 6 months

A very Merry Christmas from the GC team

We just want to wish all our patients and followers a very merry Christmas.

It’s been a great year and we are looking forward to an even better 2015. All the best folks!

From all the team at the Glasgow Clinic.


2,234 FUE grafts for Glasgow businessman

It’s been another busy week at the GC. A thirty-two year old Glasgow businessman and entrepreneur has been kind enough to share his before and after images with us.

It’s all about choosing the right FUE surgical team and here at the GC we pride ourselves in bringing only the best to Glasgow. We’re happy to discuss options with patients and help them find the best solution for their hair loss. Our consultations are free and we don’t bite – promise!

For more information you can call us on 0141 248 4424 or you can email us info@theglasgowclinic.co.uk

Check back over the coming months for our patients updated images.


What is a hair transplant really all about?

Hair transplantation is a minor surgical technique that guarantees the restoration of your own head of natural hair.

It is the only method that overcomes hair loss and provides a solution for both male and female pattern baldness.

Here at the Glasgow Clinic we offer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) as a surgical solution. The procedure is a safe and an effective treatment option.


We can repair older hair transplants that have become cosmetically unappealing with our advanced hair restoration technology. One or two operations can give a natural looking head of hair.

It will take appoximately four months for new hair to start growing. Natural hair will continue to mature in colour and body for up to 18 months after your surgical procedure.

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest development in advanced hair transplant techniques where a small precise round punch is used to extract follicular units from a patient’s bald resistant donor area.

The follicular unit grafts are then transplanted into the patient’s treatment area. IMG_5997

The FUE extraction procedure is more time consuming than FUT and larger grafts of 2,500 are generally carried out over two days.

The cost per graft of the FUE procedure is more expensive in comparison to FUT surgery, but the technique is less invasive and the donor area recovery is significantly quicker.

FUE is an excellent technique that should be considered by all patients but especially those who may in future want to wear their hair very short or cropped.

We hope this has helped you understand a bit more about hair transplants and FUE surgery.

For any more information you can call us on 0141 248 4424 or email us: info@theglasgowclinic.co.uk