“Hair follicles are an organ – they are living things.”

Introducing to you our very own Joanne Scannell:

The Glasgow Clinic’s senior nurse Joanne Scannell has worked in the hair transplant industry for twenty years and brings a wealth of practical skills and managerial experience.

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Originally educated and trained as a nurse at Bath & Swindon School of Nursing, she first joined the industry in 1996. Joanne has worked in various clinics across the UK and Europe. As a member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) she has regularly attended hair transplant conferences and has written educational papers on industry procedures. She has taught and trained at conferences, and is a firm believer in continuing education.

Joanne said: “For me organising and time-keeping is extremely important within our team here at the Glasgow Clinic. I continuously update our daily structure within the surgery to make sure we’re working to the best of our ability.

“FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a new way of transplanting hair and there are fifteen tasks within the procedure that have to be overlapped. So it’s extremely important for us to find and develop the best way forward.

“Details such as the amount of time the follicles are outside the body are key in what we do. We’re trying to find the most effective and efficient way of transplanting.

“Hair follicles are an organ just like any other kind of transplantation. They have a sebaceous gland, they have a blood supply and they are living things.

“A team who is transplanting a lung or a liver will put the same care and importance into how long that organ is outside the body.

“We’re trying to keep the time limited to around three hours at the very most. Our average time is around two hours but to us it’s about every single follicle – each one is important in our procedure.

“We have strict health and safety policies here within the Glasgow clinic. I make sure we have the right equipment and that we’re implementing new educational practices all the time.

“It’s these important details that help us as a team achieve the results we are respected for within our industry today.”

Joanne is a member of the Doune curling club – she recently won a trophy. She also owns a small boat on Loch Fyne and often spends her time sailing.

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