The Glasgow Clinic helps cancer patient suffering hair loss following treatment

Hair loss isn’t always about male and female pattern baldness.  It can quite often be caused by a medical condition an illness or an accident.

We were contacted by a patient recently who had undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy to treat his nasopharyngeal cancer diagnosis. He suffered extensive hair loss which unfortunately never regrew in certain areas leaving him with a lot of bald patches at the back of his head. This is a lot for someone to deal with on top of their illness and here at the Glasgow Clinic we wanted to help by giving him an FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) hair transplant.

Our GC surgical team carried out the FUE surgery and our patient was happy to share a little bit of his story and images.

What type of cancer did you have?

“I had radiotherapy and chemotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer. I had the radiotherapy just at the back of my head in order to avoid my spine. So I’ve been left with no hair at the sides and the back.”

Why did you think about a hair transplant as an option?

“I spoke to my consultant who had always said I was a bit low. It did affect my confidence because it was just a constant reminder and there all the time.

“My consultant went to a plastic surgeon to see if anything could be done for me. I received a hair transplant trial to a small patch to see if the hair would re-grow. The hair did re-grow, but I’ve been waiting two years for the next stage. There is such a long waiting list for other surgery that I was waiting and waiting.

“I went to the Glasgow Clinic and spoke to Fraser Christensen. I told him my story and he decided to help me.

“I’ve looked at online forums and there are a lot of people like me left with permanent hair loss in obscure areas due to cancer treatment. You’re expected to just get on with life but people do look at you and stare.

“You’d think that your hair is the least of your problems when you are diagnosed with cancer but getting this sorted is one of those things that I can tick off. I was really happy when I went to see Fraser, I wasn’t expecting this at all.”

Please check back for an update on our patient.

All the best,

The GC Team

Cancer patient before FUE

Cancer patient before FUE

Cancer patient after FUE

Cancer patient after FUE





2 thoughts on “The Glasgow Clinic helps cancer patient suffering hair loss following treatment

  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for a consultation regarding the thinning of my hair at the front and back of my head.Im interested in the FUE method and to get a rough cost of how much this procedure would be.
    I would be very grateful if you could get back to me on the matter.

    Many Thanks


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