If it can be done then why not go for it.

This week at the GC, 30-year-old accountant John Wilmot, underwent his FUE (2,547 implants) hair transplant. Feeling good after his surgery John had a chat with us about his experience and the reasons why he decided to have a hair transplant. (See his FUE images at the bottom of today’s blog)

What made you decide to have a hair transplant in the first place?

I was balding and receding so it was an easy decision for me. If that’s the way it’s going to be then the best solution is to have a hair transplant. If it can be done then why not go for it. The results I’ve seen look pretty good.

Had you tried other hair products before embarking on a hair transplant?

I tried Nioxin thickening shampoo. I tried Regaine but not for long enough. A hair transplant is a solution for life and I’m 30-years-old now so come another 20 years it should still look the same.

Does male pattern baldness run in your family?

My dad is pretty bald apart from around the sides. For me it started happening around the age of 25, I started thinning rather than receding. I’ve had pretty noticeable thinning in the last few years. It never really got that bad, but I just wanted it to be better than what it was.

Have you told your family and friends about going for a hair transplant?

Yes, I’ve been pretty open about it all. There’s very little stigma attached to having a hair transplant now. People like Wayne Rooney have done a lot for removing that stigma. He really had to be open about it because there was no hiding it for him. Now it has become a lot more common. You go through it and a few months down the line people forget about it. It’s just a head of your own hair that’s been removed from one area to the other. It’s not a big deal.

Have you been thinking about having a hair transplant for a long time? Was it an easy decision for you to make?

No it didn’t take that long to decide. I had made the decision over a couple of months. I took the view that it’s a well-established procedure so I had less concern about it going wrong. So for me it was about finding the right place. If I could find a place that can do a quality job then it’s pointless waiting six months or a year to mull over the decision because your just missing out on the benefits. If you want to go for it just bite the bullet, get it done and reap the awards. That’s how I viewed it.

What made you choose the Glasgow Clinic?

Number one for me was locality. I live in Glasgow so it’s convenient. The photographs and the quality work that I saw when I went to meet Fraser Christensen were really good so I had no doubt about the quality.

Have you had a good experience at the Glasgow Clinic?

Yes I had a really good experience. I thought the whole team were very professional.  I felt that the care was top class it really was good. They looked after me well and I felt really confident in their ability and there was a real sense of care rather than just doing a job.

We appreciate feedback from patients and always ask if there is something we should be doing differently?

I think Fraser Christensen is a good honest businessman who has developed a good quality product. I don’t think I could have had a better experience having gone anywhere else.

Keep following us here at the GC blog for John’s updates and progress. Or you can visit us here at our website.

If you’re thinking of having a hair transplant and want to discuss your options with us you can call the GC on 0141 248 4424 or you can email: info@theglasgowclinic.co.uk

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

John Wilmot

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