I’ve had a tub of hair gel sitting in my bathroom for years. Now I’ll get to use it.

We know how you love our patient stories especially when you get to hear their thoughts after their procedure and what made them decide to have a hair transplant in the first place. We chatted with 33-year-old William Bone, a transit security supervisor from Glasgow following his surgery this week. (You can see his images below or visit our gallery).

What made you decide to get a hair transplant?

When my hair started falling out I started getting more bothered about it. Then I saw a story in a newspaper about a clinic in Glasgow that does hair transplants and from that I started looking at the clinic’s website.

I had been looking at clinics in London and hadn’t realised there was one here in Glasgow. It was something I’d thought about for around about a year and a half on and off. When I saw the results for the hair transplants at the Glasgow Clinic I called up and booked a consultation. I decided there and then that I was going to go ahead.

Did your hair fall out when you were quite young?

My hair started falling out when I was about twenty-seven and continued to fall out from then on.

Did you tell your friends and family about your hair transplant?

Everybody knows. I told them all on a night out. They’d all had a few drinks, which made it easier.

What was the reaction when you told them?

My girlfriend wasn’t too bothered and my mates slagged me off as usual. It wasn’t a big shock to them because it’s something I have talked about for a while.

Do you think the stigma surrounding hair transplants is changing?

Yes. The two brothers who had their surgery carried out at the clinic certainly helped do that with their story.

Do you think it will make you feel different?

I think it will make me feel a bit better about myself.

Are you going to grow it in long?

I think I might grow a mullet hairstyle, ha. I’ve had a skinhead for the past few years so this will definitely be different. I’ve had a tub of hair gel sitting in my bathroom for years so now I’ll get to use it.

Why did you choose the Glasgow Clinic?

After meeting Fraser at the clinic I was really impressed. He’d had a hair transplant done himself so he knew what he was talking about. Just chatting to him I felt as though I’d known him for years. I was quite nervous at first but after about ten minutes chatting to him it was great. He made me feel at ease.

Have you enjoyed your experience at the Glasgow Clinic?

Yes. Everybody was great. I had a good laugh with the team throughout the procedure. There really was nothing to it.

How did you feel during the surgery?

I don’t think people realise how simple it is to get a hair transplant done. People think it’s a big rigmarole but I had it done in two days and felt quite easygoing about it. It wasn’t sore at all. I had built myself up thinking it was going to be the worst experience of my life but all you actually feel is the jag at the start and that’s it.

Will you be recommending a hair transplant to your pals?

I have a couple of mates that could be interested. They are waiting to see my hair in six months or so.


If you’d like to book a consultation call 0141 248 4424 or you can email info@theglasgowclinic.co.uk

Visit our website by clicking here

Check back in six months time to see William’s progress.

William Bone 1  William Bone 2William Bone 3William Bone 4William Bone 5

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