GC patient Barry Cowan’s 6 month FUE update

We promised we’d be back with more images and here we are. We showed you GC patient Brian Cowan’s update in our last blog now we have his brother Barry. They’re not twins you know!

Barry is a guitarist in the up and coming indie band the Vigo Thieves. If you haven’t checked them out yet, then why not?

He’s very much in the public eye when on stage and found himself covering up his receding hairline with a selection of hats. Now he doesn’t have to do that!

We’re lucky enough to have Barry share his images with us. It helps us show what we do at the GC. We’re a professional bunch who thrive on providing you with only the best care throughout your procedure. Just ask the brothers! Our team of FUE and FUT surgeons are recognised across Europe and further afield. For more info click here to visit our website.

For all of Barry’s before and after images visit our blog gallery.

All the best,

The GC Team

A happy Barry!


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