Welcome to the Glasgow Clinic Blog

Welcome to the Glasgow Clinic blog. We hope that you find what we post on here informative in your search for answers relating to hair loss and hair transplants.

Scotland is lacking in information for those suffering from hair loss so we hope that our blog will provide a reliable source on a personal level to those battling against it and in search of a solution.

We want to share experiences and stories of our patients and give you an insight into what the procedure involves. We aim to raise awareness of how the hair transplant industry has advanced over the past decade and help people talk about hair loss to remove the stigma that surrounds those trying to tackle male and female pattern baldness.

For us here at the GC it’s not just about vanity. Losing your hair gradually over time or suddenly due to an illness or medical condition, can have an emotional and physical effect on any sufferer.

We often have consultations with burns victims and cancer patients who have suffered hair loss because of their medical condition or accident. We treat each case confidentially and on its own merit. We always endeavour to give the best and honest advice we can.

All the best,

Fraser and the GC team.

GC logo cutting

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